Teledyne Marine and NEKTON are ready for the next mission: First Descent
First Descent is a series of expeditions combining innovations in technology, AI, big data and communications, in a bold bid to accelerate the scientific exploration and conservation of the Indian Ocean, the world’s least explored and least protected ocean.

How the Indian Ocean changes in the coming decades will profoundly affect the lives, livelihoods and wellbeing of 2.5billion living in the region.

First Descent begins in the Seychelles and continues with other expeditions across the Indian Ocean. First Descent: Indian Ocean concludes with the State of the Indian Ocean Summit in 2022 in Oxford.

Teledyne Marine supplies the expedition with Software and essential sonar, camera, light, and navigation technology.

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Nearly 50 days at sea, covering 2300 nautical miles, with a team of up to 60, including crew,  on our Mothership, the Ocean Zephyr, we undertook over 300 science deployments, across 7 key locations in the previously unexplored depths of the Seychelles, helping to provide key data and new skills to inform the protection of 30% of Seychelles EEZ (equivalent in size to twice the UK). Watch the video >
Catching up with Mike from Bibby HydroMap who is using the SeaBAt T50-P ER to scan an area off the coast of Aldabra. Watch the video >
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March 6 2019 – Testing the T50-P Multibeam system 
The Multibeam system is crucial for mapping the seabed for the scientists and also the submersibles. This video shows how it's done.  Read more >